Patti-Anne FitzPatrick

Hello! I’m Patti-Anne Fitzpatrick.

Welcome to Tee-2-Cup!

After a long, cold winter we are finally seeing signs of spring and that means golf weather is coming! (It’s already here on some days in southern Ontario!)

Here you’ll find tips on golf and articles on everything from golf etiquette to the rules of golf… from course management on different courses to self-management on the course.

I’ll be giving you tips on the basic approach to the address at the ball, the stance, the grip, balance and fundamentals of the swing.

Later, we’ll cover all the different shots, exercises for your physical approach to the game and even how to use your limited time to practice wisely.

Gradually, we’ll get to most aspects of the game.

I’ll have exercises you can do in the backyard or even indoors for when you can’t make it to a driving range, practice facility or golf course.

  • I’m here for you if you are a new golfer or an experienced one with a technical problem.
  • If you are a woman just taking up the game, I can help introduce you to it and help you feel comfortable, not nervous.
  • If you are a junior I can help you avoid mistakes that would take time to eliminate if you repeat them early in your instruction and playing time.

I will be teaching in several places this summer in the Kitchener/Waterloo area.

More on that soon.

Hope to see you here.

Good golfing!